Panlong Manhua

Author: i eat tomatoes,tong yi ming

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural ,

Update: Feb 11, 2019

Panlong Manhua

Next update: about Feb 18, 2019


Linley is a young noble of a declining, once-powerful clan which once dominated the world. He has large aspirations and wants to save his clan. Linley's journey begins with an accident when he discovers a ring. He took a liking to this ring, which had a dragon carved coiling around it. Upon being injured during a battle between two powerful fighters he discovers that his ring is not what he thought it was and possesses powers beyond his imagination.


Panlong Manhua Ch.170 Feb 11, 2019
Panlong Manhua Ch.169 Feb 10, 2019
Panlong Manhua Ch.168 Jan 17, 2019
Panlong Manhua Ch.167 : The Meaning of Radiant Jan 16, 2019
Panlong Manhua Ch.166 Dec 30, 2018
Panlong Manhua Ch.165 Dec 14, 2018
Panlong Manhua Ch.164 : Three Factions Battle Nov 25, 2018
Panlong Manhua Ch.163 : Magicite Mine Nov 12, 2018
Panlong Manhua Ch.162 : Baruch Empire Nov 2, 2018
Panlong Manhua Ch.161 : Three Tokens of Divine Spark Oct 25, 2018

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