Secret (HAN Yu-Rang)

Author: han yu-rang

Status: Completed   

Genre: Romance , Shoujo , Tragedy ,

Update: Jun 24, 2017

Secret (HAN Yu-Rang)

Next update: about Jul 01, 2017


by Rosa Negra:<br ><br >A father who committed suicide on Yuh�s 16th birthday.<br >The boy she met during her sorrow; Mu Hyul<br >Ba-dump Ba-dump; a guy so breathtaking.<br >A proposal at a sky resort.<br >�I can do anything for you as long as it makes you smile. I�ll give you everything you want.�<br >All those to interrupt our love are so dead!


Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.10 Ch.45(end) Jun 24, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.10 Ch.44 May 10, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.10 Ch.43 Apr 26, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.10 Ch.42 Apr 21, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Ch.41 Apr 12, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.9 Ch.40 Apr 6, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.9 Ch.39 Mar 29, 2017
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.9 Ch.38 Mar 27, 2016
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.9 Ch.37 Jan 17, 2016
Secret (HAN Yu-Rang) Vol.8 Ch.36 Jan 1, 2016

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  2. happy52 said at June 24, 2017 9:04 pm

    Thank you for the last part of the story...........Can't wait to see what Han Yu Rang book you start now......

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